Wyreema, 15 Nov 2017

Welcome to Wyreema! This rural town sits about 15km’s west of Toowoomba on Queensland’s sprawling Darling Downs. The community hall remains as it ever has been – run by the community, for the community. If the walls of the Wyreema Hall could talk, they would tell of countless romances, business deals and the shaping of a community.

Wyreema Hall was built 26th March 1911. In the 106 years since the hall was constructed, the Wyreema district has morphed from a dairy farming community into a thriving urban community. Throughout this time, the Wyreema Community Hall has played an integral role in the town’s history as the main meeting place.  

Over the last 106 years, many improvements have been made to the original corrugated iron hall. As well as the replacement of the dance floor, a kitchen, disabled access, toilets and a supper area have all been added for the benefit of the Wyreema community.

Currently host to many events in Wyreema including spring fairs, market days and community celebrations, Wyreema Hall is celebrating its first Small Halls show by kicking off the Summer Tour 2017.

Population: 1247

Tickets available online here

Doors open 6.30pm

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