Wycheproof and Caldwell

Week 2 of the tour continues in some amazing towns with some amazing food! Wycheproof was up next, and it seems like the homesickness has manifested from emotional to physical…

Dear Wycheproof,
What a cough I had when I got in! Battled it for a week. It tried to take me out by the time I got here. No pharmacy opened for miles upon miles. Somehow I ended up with a medicine cabinet full of meds to get me through the night. Great town! The Bakery was phenomenal. Miss it daily.
Ann and Sandy, I got to give you a big shoutout. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be nagged with a cough. Thanks Sandy for putting the word out. Thank you Ann for raiding your medicine cabinet. And for the cookies from your Bakery. People in Murtoa told us it was a must. And it was. Thanks for telling us about Australia’s smallest mountain. It was a hoot to go up there. The police followed us up there. We do look like a bunch of scoundrels, to be fair. Ha. Thanks to the lady who made me drink pineapple juice. I never even considered it would help a cough. Taya Bartram, you are a stunner. Thanks for coming and giving us your time and talent. A great way to start the evening.
Thank you to the audience for bothering to show up. Beautiful crowd. Must say, there’s a lot of faces here we will miss. You are all outstanding.
See you next time,
The Once



Such kind people to be found in every community, hope all that medicine works!  Luckily, it was only one more show until the end of the week…

Dear Caldwell,
You ended our week so perfectly.
Sunset:Out of this world. 


It tried to rain. Managed to sprinkle the ground before it stopped.
There was a swing that kept us entertained.
Had a tea backstage that brought me back to warm evenings at the cabin back home. Caldwell is an easy place to be. Just so everyone knows. When we roll into these towns, there’s usually one road in the middle and a few shops on each side. Sometimes they are open. Sometimes not. We plan accordingly. This hall was in the middle of nowhere but you never would have known it. We needed for nothing and we had a fabulous night. We had that peaceful easy feeling.
Thanks Jessica Lorraine for an excellent opening set.
See you all again.
The Once

Week 2: done and dusted! Time to get some rest and hit the road to the next small town in week 3.

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