Woodstock, 15 April 2021

Wiradjuri People

The Central West N.S.W. village of Woodstock has a population of 200 with a further 500 people living in the rich farming district surrounds. Our Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Hall was built in 1924 and is the venue for our Festival. We aim to showcase our Hall & village as well as the farming community’s produce, with
*    the Woodstock Hotel providing a bar featuring beers & local wines,
*    volunteers providing a very tasty evening meal and
*   volunteers catering for a real country supper, tea & coffee.

An accessible entrance is available at the rear of the Hall.

Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Hall stands on lands traditionally owned by the Wiradjuri people.

The show will open with singer songwriter Blair Gough.

Poetic and masterfully crafted. The songs Blair writes, weave elusive vocal metaphors and simple understanding together, creating a wondrous warm song scape with smooth transitioning melody lines. His voice is rich in tones deep with soulful expression. His guitar and harmonica playing have an authentic sound of an individual doing it his way with feel that suits his song writing. When playing his Maton 12 string guitar it can feel very ethereal with a weightlessness in the flow. There is a strength in Blairs performing that comes from a sincerity and honesty with personal experience. He takes the listener to a vulnerable place and confidently leaves them optimistic by the end of the song. ‘I Like It Like This’ is a song of finding contentment from confusion. ‘New York’ a song about turning a life around, making changes. ‘Wall Knocker’ a song of gratitude. Poetic, profound and pleasing.

Listen to Blair Gough’s song ‘I Like it Like This’ on Youtube.

Festival of Small Halls will roll into Woodstock on Thursday, 15 April 2021 with Bobby Alu and This Way North.

The hall committee will be serving dinner: Vol au vents (including vego option) with a side serve of salad, mini chipolata for the children.

Tickets available online here
Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start.

Woodstock Memorial Hall is located at 15 Rankin St, Woodstock, NSW, 2793.

You must not attend the event if you have COVID-19 symptoms – if you become unwell after purchasing a ticket please be reassured it can be refunded in full if you need to go and get tested. If you have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or fell unwell, please protect your community and stay home.

It is a condition of entry that physical distancing be observed.

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