Jinibara People


Woodford is possibly best known as being the location for the Woodford Folk Festival, which moved from nearby Maleny to take up residence on an old dairy farm just out of town. To drive into Woodford from Spring through Summer is to be met by an changing avenue of blooming trees – silky oak, jacaranda, flame trees and azaleas. Black cockatoos announce rain in an area that runs to lush on the East side of the D’Aguilar Hwy, and introduces sunburned, straw-coloured landscapes on the West. Woodford is a remarkably friendly town – it’s not hard to get a conversation going in the two local cafes or pick up something unusual in the curiosity shops. Monday cattle sales bring nearby farmers into town to trade, and for most of the year the community passes the time at a gentle pace.

Population: POP 2517

SHOW FEATURES IRISH MYTHEN (CANADA) and STARBOARD CANNONS (AUSTRALIA) with Local Woodford Support Act: JOSH RENNIE-HYNES (Josh’s Website: http://joshrenniehynes.com/).

Buy tickets from Clews News 99 Archer St Woodford (07) 5496 1219 or online.

Doors 3:30pm
Show: 4:00pm
End: 8:00pm
Bar and light dinner available.




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