Budjilla people: ‘place of wallabies’


Wolvi straddles an area of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where dairy farms and granite blend gently into thick sub-tropical jungle. Following the one dirt road for an hour can deliver you from an almost-English lushness with a slow migration of grazing cows and explosions of bougainvillea and jacaranda into tall tangles of palms and vines. The hall regularly hosts open mic nights, yoga, playgroup, Zumba and music nights for the surrounding families, many of who have lived in the area since early days of clearing and cattle-driving. A short drive up from the hall there’s a beautiful look-out back to the Noosa coast, tucked in amidst old farms and a private cemetery – but you have to be willing to brave a herd of interested (and noisy!) cows to get to the view.

Population: 377


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