Taribelung Bunda, Goreng Goreng, Gurang and Baillai people


WALLAVILLE SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER WARNINGS: Ticket holders will be contacted again early next week. STAY SAFE!

The Burnett River is home to the Burnett Salmon (lungfish) one of the oldest surviving species in the world and also to Wallaville, a tiny community near Gin Gin, part of Central Queensland’s sugar cane country. Lush light green fields split by sugar tram tracks are spread out under cloudless skies in these farmland communities, sleepy but for the lonesome ghost of the Wild Scotsman – bushranger James Alpin McPherson, who was captured nearby in the 1860s and is said by some to haunt the area. The Wallaville school celebrated its centenary in 2009 – industry may ebb and flow in the area but the community remains, with influxes of tourists due to its gorgeous landscapes, including the Boolboonda Tunnel, the Southern Hemisphere’s longest, unlined, unsupported train tunnel, as well as the Good Night Scrub and and nearby Lake Monduran. This extensive inland waterway features some of regional Australia’s best freshwater fishing, with the silver-scaled Barramundi darting his way in greater numbers through Spring and Summer.

Tickets available online and at the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre.

Population: 182

Show features Del Barber (Canada) and The Mae Trio (Australia)



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