Wallangarra, 3 September 2021

Wallangarra School of Arts Hall, QLD, Ngarabal Country

 The Wallangarra School of Arts Hall stands on Ngarabal Country. It’s possible that ‘Wallangarra’ means ‘lagoon’ – ‘wallan’ meaning water and ‘guran’ meaning ‘long’. 

Wallangarra is such a ‘cool’ place to live, in both style and weather. According to local lore, the European residential component of Wallangarra wouldn’t even have existed if New South Wales had just accepted their railway track gauge was ‘wrong’, and made it the same as Queensland! Instead, Wallangarra ended up with a Railway Station where people changed trains in a NSW-QLD journey, and the station is known for its strange roof – sporting the awnings of both NSW AND QLD Rail, because the States couldn’t even agree on that!  

Wallangarra holds the record for the lowest maximum temperature in Queensland of just 2.4 °C on 3rd July 1984. Being situated on the border of Queensland and New South Wales is an interesting feature, especially when residents are able celebrate the New Year twice by merely having one leg each side of the Border. Whilst Wallangarra has a population of 468 people, if the surveyors had gotten the marks right in 1888, the town of Jennings would have officially been part of Queensland – or Wallangarra – which means that Wallangarra’s population could have reached the might heights of 679 people. 

Festival of Small Halls rolls through Wallangarra on Friday 3rd September 2021 with Paddy McHugh (AUS) and Sue Ray (AUS). 

Britney Reibelt will open the show!  

Britney Reibelt is a young artist 21 years of age who has been singing since the age of 6, Britney always knew that music was her passion. Born and raised not far from here in a little town called Stanthorpe. Being new to the game as a performer has had its twist and turns but Britney starting to put herself out there again, to show people what she has to offer. Britney’s dream is to one day become a selling artist, to write her own music and travel.

Bar service and food (including pulled pork rolls, and chicken and gravy roll for $5 and dessert of brownie/fruit and icecream for $5) will be available at the Hall for purchase catered by Wallangarra/Jennings Progress and Arts Association.  

Tickets are priced at  

Full Admission – $15 

Child Admission (ages 17 years and under) – Free  

Click here to purchase tickets. 

Alternatively, you can purchase tickets locally via Stacey Thomas. 

Doors Open 6:30pm

Show Starts 7:00pm 

The Wallangarra School of Arts Hall has accessibility access. 

This show is supported by the Queensland Government and the Australian Government under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018.  

Festival of Small Halls events take place in venues operating under an approved Queensland Health Covid Safe Event Checklist, and has stringent Workplace Health and Safety requirements for all travelling artists and crew. Under the terms and conditions of all events, you must not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19. 

Please do your bit to protect others and keep your community safe. 

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