Vance Gilbert’s Second Day in Australia

Vance Gilbert tells us of his Aussie experiences in day two of his Australian tour!

G’day All, Australia day 2.

Exit signs are actually green with a guy running.
I saw my first kangaroo but it doesn’t count because it was roadkill.

Nice bunch of kids this crew. Liz Stringer, the other musician the oldest at around 30 odd.
She is a delicious writer, absolutely dulcet singer, and a tremendous guitar player. Jim Fleming signed her recently for booking, and he doesn’t sign many new developing acts, so that says a lot. Harry Mortimer is the sound guy and he’s a blast. Courtney Wild is the road manager, and drives wonderfully, and is dropdead funny – she’s a dear. All are well under 40, actually most are close to 30. I am utterly Cretaceous in comparison. Wtf am I doing? And what day is it again?

Vietnamese food for dinner last night with the group. When they get talking fast it’s all I can do to understand them.
Nobody tips here really. Their server wages are working wages I’m told so it’s not expected.
Passed out at 11. Up at 3. Back to sleep till 7:30
Jogged, salad for breakfast. Soundcheck in a few hours. Welcome to Wyreema tonite.
I think I have an aunt by that name.

No kangaroos yet.


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