Vance Gilbert Has A Day Off

Vance tells us about his day off and a cow sighting

Australia Day 13

Beginning today I have a couple of days off… Sorely needed vocally, I mean I’m not a hoarse or anything but I’m not a kid anymore and it’s time to rest.
It wasn’t but a few hours ago that Harrison Mortimer, or Harry as we call our intrepid and genius sound engineer, dropped me off outside the front of the hotel. Damn, I miss my road mates already even though I will rendezvous with them again on Thursday morning, but it’s currently Monday night and I just had dinner with the Small Halls Program Director Eleanor- all is going well and that’s good.

Here’s a few things. Again it’s up to you to match the photos to the caption:

Here’s a few photos of cows, and if you look closely next to the cows leg or head is a little white streak. Hard to photograph on the fly, hence the “Is That Bigfoot?” quality to each photo, but each cow in certain areas seems to have a particular bird that tags along, apparently eating the grubs that are exposed by the cow who is busily pulling up clumps of grass to eat. What a cool symbiosis. And there seems to be only one bird per cow. Or one cow per bird, depending on your symbiotic point of view…

This was the motel dog, Berry. Yes indeed I did succumb to rubbing her belly, I mean who wouldn’t?

Yo yo yo my man…If you be having you some chest pain and you need you a bypass don’t be messing with no country-ass, Marcus Welby ass Doogie Houser-ass doctor… You know where to get you a real bypass, right here. This exit, my brother…

“Excuse me- in which part of Brisbane might I find…..?” “
“City. Follow the sign.”
“”Excuse me but I was looking for the downtown area where I might ……”
“Hey hey hey….What I tell you? What that sign say?”
“Uh……City? “
“And what you think down there?”
“Uh, the City?”
“Whoop. There it is then, Einstein….You lookin kinda piqued after that exchange tho Cupcake…… what, you need, a bypass? I know a brother can hook you up….now if you follow *that* sign….”

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