Triabunna, 17 Jan 2018

“Triabunna” is an Aboriginal Tasmanian word for the Tasmanian native hen. Once home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest apple orchard, this port town was founded in 1830 as a station of the 63rd regiment, and later the 51st regiment also called Triabunna home for a time.

The mild weather and scenic views make for a leisurely-paced town. Possibly settled as early as 1817, a community hall was built in 1860. After much fund-raising and a massive community effort, a new Hall was built on the original site.

Triabunna Hall is known as the ‘social heart’ of Triabunna. A place where ‘things can happen!’

Tickets available online here, or at the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council.


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