Theodore, 6 November 2019

Road-trippers, caravaners, locals and neighbours of Theodore, head down to the RSL Hall on 6 November and you’ll be treated to a night of music, wonderful company and community spirit.

Tickets are also available locally at the Theodore Home and Garden Centre.

Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start – see you there!

Festival of Small Halls hasn’t visited Theodore before so, we’re incredibly excited to meet the locals, welcome in some travellers and unite under the roof of the RSL Hall. Below is a collection of photos from our shows over the years. Each and every community holds a special place in our hearts.

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Theodore’s ‘Small Hall’, our now RSL Hall, started out in July of 1924 as the Castle Creek sub-branch R.S.S.I.L.A of Australia as they had decided to erect a public hall and meeting rooms here.  The Commissioner, Mr A.F. Partridge, granted a block of land for the building and also promised all the assistance possible.  Soon after the building was erected by the employees and as a co-operative concern and was completed by the 28th September 1924.

The hall was then utilised for all manner of things back then including dances every Friday night, Balls and a cinema!

Nowadays our small hall gets as much use as possible.  The River Festival uses it as a Local Art Exhibition, the Theodore Ballet Group use it for their end of year performance, the School use it for Awards night and of course the RSL use it on ANZAC day.  Other uses include birthday parties, the rare music event, trivia night and even wedding receptions!

One of the more recent memorable uses for the hall was during the floods in 2010/2011.  You will notice that we have a helicopter sculpture out the front of the building.  This is to commemorate the effort that went in to flying the townspeople out of Theodore when we were the first town in Queensland to be fully evacuated by the flooding.  The RSL Hall happens to reside on one of the highest points in town and was utilised as an evacuation and coordination centre for the townspeople.  We landed the helicopters right out the front in the car parks.

Theodore RSL Hall stands on lands traditionally owned by the Wulli Wulli people.

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