Spring 2019 – Dorrigo to Queenscliff

Woodfordia Inc  in partnership with Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival presents Spring Tour 2019: Dorrigo to Queenscliff ArtistsShowsVideosMapMediaArtists The Jellyman's Daughter (SCO) Scottish duo The Jellyman's Daughter lands squarely in the middle of an intriguing crossroads between bluegrass, post-rock, folk and soul. Mixing their unique vocal harmonies with wild and visceral cello, driving ... Read more

Autumn 2019 – Port Fairy to the National

Woodfordia Inc in partnership with Port Fairy Folk Festival and National Folk Festival presents ArtistsShowsVideosMapMediaArtists The Once, CAN Newfoundland has a storied history of stunning songwriters, poets and players. Over the course of the last decade The Once have writ and knit themselves into that story. The story of The Once is one of growth, propelled ... Read more

Summer 2019 – Cygnet to Illawarra

Woodfordia Inc in partnership with Woodford Folk Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival and Illawarra Folk Festival presents Fru Skagerrak, NOR/SWE/DEN The music of Fru Skagerrak takes you on a journey through Scandinavia; from lowlands to mountains, from slow airs to lively polkas, in major and in minor, and everything in between. Fru Skagerrak- ”Lady Skagerrak” - are three ... Read more

Summer 2018 – Mullum to Woodford

Woodfordia Inc in partnership with Mullum Music Festival and Woodford Folk Festival presents Old Man Luedecke, CAN From the music rich maritime province of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada, a banjo songster like Old Man Luedecke is a rare type of musician. A songwriting one of such hopeful goodness, rarer still. In the ... Read more
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