St George

St George

Kamilaroi people

The fish are jumping, and the cotton’s high – St George is known as the Fishing Capital of Inland Queensland and is home to Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Golden Perch, and Silver Perch..You’re likely to have encountered emus running alongside your vehicle on the way into town, their brown feathers bobbing and blending into a landscape that is dry and perfect for cotton farming, as well as beef, grain and sheep. St George itself is built around the Balonne River, and while it’s done some damage to the town in recent flood years, it’s a welcome watery centrepiece to a real outback town. While the sun sets over the cloudy waters of an afternoon, flocks of gossiping galahs that turn the tall widow-maker gums into soft pink-feathered flurries, settling eventually into a gentle St George twilight.

Tickets available online and at the Council offices in St George.

Population: 2,410


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