Southport, 17 January 2019

The Southport Community Centre, set in its small coastal town, is the hub for community events and gatherings in the far south. SCC’s outdoor performance stage is so splendid it has its own name, Bruce’s Deck. Named after the late historian Bruce Poulson, who combed the region for its fascinating stories, our deck has excellent acoustics. The music will pour over you on its way to the surrounding rolling wooded hills. Do come dressed for all weathers.

Address: 8606 Huon Highway Southport.
The internet onsite is sporadic. SCC has wheelchair access.

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Southport on Thursday, January 17th.
Doors open at 5.30pm
bar – BBQ – veggie/vegan snacks- sweet treats 

Tickets available online here or locally at the Southport Hotel, the Rocket Cafe on Southport wharf or Dover Pharmacy at Southgate Shopping Centre.

Festival of Small Halls Southport will be supported by Blloom.

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