Rocky Creek, 24 October 2018

The Rocky Creek/Mt Emlyn Soldier’s Memorial Hall was built in 1935.

Life was busy in the 1930s. The many small 320 acre blocks were all occupied, mostly by dairy farmers. After the Depression progress was made with the aid of new tractors, vehicles and crops. The Rocky Creek Cheese Factory had operated since 1918; the Rocky Creek School had opened in 1913; the Mt Emlyn School had opened in 1920. There was a good population and many good reasons now for a Hall, a community Centre….for dances, weddings, CWA meetings, Church Services, Sunday schools, sports teams and sports days, war fund activities, welcomes and farewells to the district…but mostly dances!

There were many good willing musicians between Rocky Creek and Pittsworth, and the truck would be the ‘bus’ for the revellers!

The Christmas Party, the New Year’s Eve Party, Indoor Bowls, and the occasional Rural Fires Board meeting were the last of the activities in the Hall in the 1990s. But with the help of the Power Station Millmerran Shire funding and the Committee’s determination to upgrade the cooking facilities, the toilets and the connection of electricity, a new lease of life occurred with a new, young and enthusiastic Committee, which has initiated Games Nights, State of Origin Nights etc. There are still some of the original families very involved.

Doors open at 6.30pm.

A bus is available from Millmerran to Rocky Creek Hall for the event.

Bus bookings via Millmerran Community Support Office – 4695 1829

Tickets available online here

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