Peranga, 28 October 2018

Can you see that ghost? The bearded man leading the team of bullocks behind that tall strand of trees!

Some say it’s Leichhardt leading out his team of explorers from Peranga – the last place they were seen alive.

Peranga is a proud town who have survived the march of the prickly pear, floods, drought and relentless modernisation.

The Peranga Hall is a short skip away from the extraordinary Bunya Mountains National Park, home to prehistoric trees highly prized for millions of years by the local Aboriginal people who feasted on the pine nuts. This beautiful park is full of trails that wind through rainforest and lead to stunning waterfalls and lookouts. Come and appreciate the scenery and our superb hospitality – we can’t wait to see you…

Doors open at 5pm.

Tickets available online here

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