Spring Tour 2021

Woodfordia Inc 


Festival of Small Halls Spring Tour 2021

featuring Darren Hanlon (AUS) and Kelly Brouhaha (AUS)


Darren Hanlon (AUS)

After years of touring the far-flung corners of Australia and the greater world, Darren Hanlon has carved a sacred place in the hearts of many who cross his path with his candid and charming music and storytelling. He is known for his engagement with his audiences and having the ability to make a large crowd feel like they’re in a lounge room amongst friends.  

Not deterred by the Covid situation, Hanlon has managed to have a rich few years, appearing in and singing the credits of the new Slim Dusty bio-pic ‘Slim & I’ and garnering high rotation on ABC with his pandemic themed song ‘We All Cope in Different Ways.’   

He is also releasing what will be his 6th studio album called ‘Life Tax’ (Jan 2022) written and recorded in the Uniting Church Hall, Northcote with his new band consisting of some of Melbourne’s indie elite: Leah Senior, Jesse Williams, Zoe Fox and Dylan Young. It’s his most stripped back and narrative driven album to date and features the single and already crowd favourite ‘Lapsed Catholic.’  


‘Hanlon has a novelist’s eye for detail and sparse prose…While his country Australia accent has been smoothed with years of absence, the upwards inflection on the second last syllable of most lines means the country hasn’t been taken out of him. This delivery adds an element of the bush storyteller, taking his city cousins camping and learning them around the fire in his charming, warm monotone that emphasises what he is saying as much as how.’  

 – Starvingkids.org 


‘Former fourth Lucksmith and ex-Simpletons guitarist Darren Hanlon understands that the difference between simple and simple-headed is, quite literally, wit. Like his aforementioned countryfolk, the longtime Australian musician has a knack for quirky tunefulness, good-naturedly ambitious rhymes and tingly everyday details, shared over shopworn guitars and embellished with piano, violin or the occasional toy instrument.’ 

 – Pitchfork 


‘Hanlon’s words – witty, seemingly casual but far too smartly done to be just tossed off – are acutely observant and simultaneously very “us” and very “him”. They are the reasons we would keep coming back even if his songs were merely OK… – they all bring enough to keep you entertained for days. The thing is, though, that his tunes have never been merely OK, despite his casual delivery and thin sound,.. from rockabilly, gospel and country to mountain ballads, folk pop and southern soul.’ 

 – The Sydney Morning Herald 


Kelly Brouhaha (AUS)

The South Australian Award-Winning Songwriter is one of those artists who’s unique style simply cannot be put into a box.  From big blues to soulful country, it is music that is real and raw and vulnerable.

Releasing her debut album in 2019, the Americana artist has had many a success including ABC radio rotation, #1 AMRAP radio charting and inclusion on hit country Spotify playlists. Her latest album ‘Unplugged’ hit #1 on the AMRAP radio charts and was the ABC Country Feature Album June 17, 2021. 

A sought-after session musician, she’s also known for lending backing vocals, percussion and guitar duties to some of the country’s finest including Beccy Cole, Jen Mize, Libby O’Donovan and Amber Joy Poulton. 

Whether around a campfire, in RSLs or in the intimate setting of people’s living rooms – this is an artist you simply need to hear. Her captivating live show will have you giggling one minute and in tears the next as she tells stories about her travels, her family and her much loved 1992 Toyota Hiace ‘Pamela Vanderson’. 








She’s known for having an extraordinarily rare voice…’ 

 – Clare Bowditch 


‘It’s just so much fun, that girls got amazing pipes, she sounds like Amy Winehouse – but with more of a soulful edge as opposed to a jazz hook.’ 

 – Nkechi Anele – Triple J Roots and All 


‘I really don’t know if we have anyone similar in Australia, I am pretty sure that we don’t. She has similar elements of other artists from overseas, and maybe a touch of Renee Geyer, but basically, she is a one-off. In a close tunnel genre in Australia, Kelly is Queen. She is a no-nonsense, firebrand.’ 

 – Cowgirl Up Blog 


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DIRRANBANDI, 15 October 2021

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Woodfordia Inc presents Festival of Small Halls Spring Tour 2021 featuring Darren Hanlon and Kelly Brouhaha

Festival of Small Halls has announced that Darren Hanlon and Kelly Brouhaha will be the guests of fifteen communities on October’s Queensland Spring Tour 2021. 

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After years of touring the farflung corners of Australia and the greater world, Darren Hanlon has carved a sacred place in the hearts of many who cross his path with his candid and charming music and storytelling. He is known for his engagement with his audiences and having the ability to make a large crowd feel like they’re in a lounge room amongst friends.

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The South Australian Award-Winning Songwriter is one of those artists who’s unique style simply cannot be put into a box.  From big blues to soulful country, it is music that is real and raw and vulnerable.  

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Festival of Small Halls events take place in venues operating under an approved Queensland Health Covid-Safe Event Checklist, and has stringent Workplace Health and Safety requirements for all travelling artists and crew. Under the terms and conditions of all events, you must not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Please do your bit to protect others and keep your community safe.

The Festival of Small Halls Spring Tour is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


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