Autumn 2019 – Port Fairy to the National

Woodfordia Inc in partnership with Port Fairy Folk Festival and National Folk Festival presents


The Once, CAN

Newfoundland has a storied history of stunning songwriters, poets and players. Over the course of the last decade The Once have writ and knit themselves into that story.

The story of The Once is one of growth, propelled by the rare chemistry that comes from a decade of writing and touring together. Their songs have been placed in international film and television, they have YouTube videos with millions of hits, and there’s a trail of trophy nominations and wins from the East Coast Music Awards, the Canadian Folk Awards, and the JUNO Awards in their wake.

SInce first hitting the road in 2009, The Once has earned one of the most loyal followings in the country. Ask their fans why they love the band and watch their eyes widen as the words flow. It becomes clear that The Once ain’t regular folk. They’ve built something unique within their genre, and something rare within the fan base that keeps them growing and going strong and they do not take that fan base for granted. “We give all we got to them because we know we can’t do what we want to do if they’re not with us,” says Hollett of those who have shown endless support for the group. It was this resonance with fans that launched their career and it is this deep relationship that continues to inspire the band to travel new paths, explore new territory, and create new music.

Geraldine Hollett’s voice is a large part of the band’s ethereal sound, and there is nowhere it would sit better than in between the rhythmic and supportive voices of Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale, and the lush soundscapes they build. The trio’s instrumentation and vocals meld together like gold, building something stronger together than any one songwriter could muster alone.  Their harmonies grab you by the heart, and their music melts what’s left of it. 

Building on the wave of creative energy that defined their last album, Time Enough is a striking and subtle sea change for the band. Dive in, get lost, click repeat


“Leaves me in a perpetual state of wistful, anthemic longing. An innocence that nevertheless leaves me with the sense that we are flirting with tragedy.”
— Jeff Reilly, CBC

“Simply put, they’re a joy to witness. Dazzling three part harmonies and a capella arrangements stoke a nostalgic longing for idyllic rural memories regardless of one’s own past. In hearing them perform, you feel like you’re a part of an alternate reality in which negativity never existed.”
— Neil Van, Live in Limbo

“THE ONCE get 3 of 4 stars in Canada’s Globe and Mail
Just as the sea refuses no river, the Once turns back no listeners. These three Newfoundlanders gracefully and evocatively offer gem-like maritime music – foot-stomping shanties, heart-rendering ballads, salt-aired interpretations (of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen tunes) and a cappella three-part harmonies thicker than Mama Cass’s midriff. The drinkable Geraldine Hollett is the pure-voiced starlet, riveting on the soloed Marguerite. Something singular is happening here, you bet.”

— Brad Wheeler, Globe And Mail

John Flanagan (AUS)

John Flanagan, AUS

Award winning songwriter John Flanagan has been compared to James Taylor and Paul Kelly for his warm vocal delivery and engaging storytelling. He has been called “one of Australia’s finest lyricists” and “a songwriting force to keep an eye on” (Timber and Steel).

He combines 70’s folk singer-songwriter influences with a range of contemporary Americana styles, from bluegrass and country to blues and folk. His engaging, honest lyricism and timeless melodies saw him win the respect of the Australian roots music scene when he took out the prestigious Gympie Music Muster Talent Search in 2013. Since then, John has gone on to pick up songwriting awards all over and win over fans at many major music festivals around the country.

Flanagan truly made his mark on the Australian musical landscape when he released There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going in February 2016. Recorded in Nashville with Grammy-award winning producer Viktor Krauss, and the product of collaboration with musicians from the line-ups behind Willie Nelson, Robert Plant and Emmylou Harris, the album was nominated for best Folk/Roots Album in The Age Music Victoria Awards, was featured on ‘album of the week’ lists for ABC and community radio and has been a radio favourite around the country. The album also debuted in the top 10 iTunes singer/songwriter charts and received regular national radio play and rave reviews.

In 2018 he released Honest Man, Flanagan’s 3rd album and his first time recording with regular band mates The John Flanagan Trio. The album has received high praise from critics around the world.


“Superlative Americana Folk. Flanagan delivers what will surely be one of the best albums of 2018.”
– Floorshime Zipper Boots (US)

“Confident ‘Australiana’ with strong, narrative songs. Traditional and original at the same time. 8/10”
– Americana UK (UK)

“As fine and friendly as Aussie folk gets”…
“Flanagan’s thoughtful songwriting and James Taylor-esque vocals land warm and familiar on the ears”… “Freewheeling fun’
– Rhythms Magazine (AUS)

“John Flanagan has written the best story song of the year … has proven himself a songwriting force to keep an eye on….one of Australia’s finest lyricists”
– Timber and Steel

“One of the country’s hardest working musicians”
– Paul Gough, The Inside Sleeve, ABC Radio National

“John Flanagan has a gentle gravity in his voice and words, the kind that makes you stop and listen”
– Wally De Backer (gotye)

“It’s storytelling via bluegrass and folk music, with classic-yet-refreshing songwriting and captivating lyricism” “What’s the Australian version of Americana?… This EP encapsulates it”
– themusic.com.au

Port Fairy Folk Festival, VIC

From Denmark to Broome, Guatemala to Byron, Colorado to Warrnambool, Athens to Northcote, Sydney to London, Dublin to Hobart… and almost everywhere in between. Port Fairy will be the folk music capital in March celebrating music of all cultures in 2019 Melbourne Ska Orchestra Port Fairy Folk Festival 2018 Photo by David Harris Happy New … Read more

Allendale East, SA – 13 March 2019

The Allendale East area was settled in the early 1960’s from which time a store, schools, churches and a post office have serviced the community since. A cheese factory, hotel and stock pound operated until the early 1920’s. As the township developed the need for social and spiritual development led to the Community Hall being … Read more

Lameroo, SA – 14 March 2019

The Lameroo Memorial Hall stands in the shadows of the mighty wheat silos in the centre of town.  We grow high quality wheat in these parts and we are proud of it. And we are proud of our Hall. Our hall is at the heart  of our small Mallee town and has been the place … Read more

Orroroo, SA – 15 March 2019

On 21st June 1880 the foundation stone of Orroroo Memorial Hall was laid. The building was opened on 11th November 1880. The two story front section of the building was built 1893. It was constructed from local bluestone from Pekina Creek and the bricks from the brick kiln at Walloway. In 1924 the main hall … Read more

Beltana, SA – 16 March 2019

The Beltana Hall is situated in the State heritage listed town of Beltana. She is a quaint 140 year old building which has recently been lovingly restored by the Beltana community. She has seen many a dance, church service funeral and wedding in her 140 year old life. Early press clippings suggest old time parties … Read more

Red Cliffs, VIC – 17 March 2019

The Red Cliffs Civic Centre was built in 1961 by the local Shire, to be a Hall for all of the community to utilize.  It is in a central location opposite Barclay Square in Red Cliffs. While built from brick and mortar, the foundations are surely fortified with treasured local memories, for over many years … Read more

Goroke, VIC – 20 March 2019

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Goroke on Wednesday, 20 March 2019 with award-winning Canadian trio The Once and Australia’s John Flanagan. This performance will be supported by Melanie Koop. Melanie Koop from Western Victoria’s town of Goroke is a singer/songwriter who loves to sing.  Her unique style captivates audiences of all ages. With a … Read more

Pomonal, VIC – 21 March 2019

The State Government, Ararat Rural City Council, Workshop Architecture firm and passionate Pomonal community members worked together recently to recreate Pomonal Hall which has gone on to win two Architecture Awards in regional Victoria. On the 21st of March, Festival of Small Halls will visit Pomonal with award-winning Canadian trio The Once and Australia’s John … Read more

Murtoa, VIC – 22 March 2019

Wrapped around a welcoming lake on the wide Wimmera plains, the town of Murtoa has long welcomed travellers to the area. Once a bustling and busy railway junction the town is now a little more sedate, but entertains travellers of a different sort. Caravaners and travellers, drawn to the Wimmera by the famous silo art … Read more

Wycheproof, VIC – 23 March 2019

Wycheproof Public Hall was built in 1920 and features a large public hall with a supper room and kitchen. The name, Wycheproof, originates from an aboriginal word meaning ‘grass on a hill’, referring to Mount Wycheproof just off the Calder Highway, which is the smallest registered mountain in the world, standing at 148 metres (486 ft) above sea level or … Read more

Caldwell, NSW – 24 March 2019

Caldwell is home to abundant community markets, fine wineries and beautiful walking trails. The surrounding areas boast artist studios and niche businesses offering delicious delights such as meads, avocados, wine, honey, olives and citrus fruits as well as river cruises. Visit the Wolseley monument while in town, Frederick Wolseley was an inventor and woolgrower who invented and … Read more

Merton, VIC – 27 March 2019

Merton…located 150 kms just east of north from Melbourne on the Maroondah Highway, was made famous (again) by the Corrigan family in the classic archetypical Australian drama “The Castle”.  Who could forget their most lyrical chant of: “We’re goin’ to Bonnie Doon…”, and the picture perfect (albeit fleeting) view from their car of the Merton … Read more

Boolarra, VIC – 28 March 2019

Nestled in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges Boolarra takes its name from the Kurnai word meaning “plenty”. Surrounded by bush and farmland this small town enjoys a strong community spirit. The construction of the Railway in 1884 was instrumental to the development of Boolarra. Today the old railway track is enjoyed by walkers, horse riders … Read more

Hallston, VIC – 29 March 2019

This community hub is set in the rolling hills of South Gippsland with stunning views of the adjacent countryside. With ample parking, heating and cooling, it’s ready to welcome locals and visitors alike. Oozing with country charm, Hallston Hall is already planning unique ways to welcome the very first Festival of Small Halls Hallston. Festival … Read more

Tarwin Lower, VIC – 30 March 2019

Tarwin Lower is a small community nestled on the banks of the Tarwin River, under an hour’s drive from the heart of Wilsons Promontory National Park and around two hours from Melbourne. The Tarwin Lower Mechanics Institute Hall was built in 1888 and has been in use ever since. After World War 1 the hall was … Read more

Goornong, VIC – 31 March 2019

Goornong Memorial Hall is located at 32 Railway Place South Goornong, a small Northern Victorian town, population about 650- and growing The name Goornong is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal word meaning kangaroo, apple or unpleasant smelling plant. We prefer kangaroo or apple! The Goornong district’s main industries today are farming, olives, grapes … Read more

Glenlyon, VIC – 3 April 2019

Providing an idyllic lifestyle, Glenlyon is close to Daylesford and within close proximity to the regional centres of Ballarat and Bendigo. The 120-year-old Glenlyon Hall has long been a proud focal point for the local community. With its grand facade and position on the avenue in the centre of town, Glenlyon Hall is obviously well loved … Read more

Sedgwick, VIC – 4 April 2019

The Sedgwick Hall was built in the late 1950s with monies raised by the local community. It was regularly used for dances and as a meeting place for local community groups, including sporting clubs using the neighbouring recreation reserve.The community is growing and slowly changing over time as farm land is subdivided, giving way to … Read more

Girgarre, VIC – 5 April 2019

Girgarre is a small agricultural community of 190 people, located in northern Victoria, part of the Campaspe Shire and Goulburn Valley irrigation region. The township evolved after it was subdivided for closer and soldier settlement in the early 1900s. In the main, Gigarre was settled by returning World War I soldiers. This once thriving town … Read more

Barnawartha, VIC – 6 April 2019

Barnawartha or ‘Barny’ is a small township located where the valley meets the plains at Indigo Creek on Dhudhuroa land. The town’s name is an Aboriginal word variously recorded as meaning tall rushes or parting of the storms. Barnawartha Hall is the grand old dame of the town, opened in 1921 and described at the time … Read more

Tallangatta Valley, VIC – 7 April 2019

Tallangatta Valley Hall was built in 1901, and is located in the Tallangatta Valley approx 70kms from Albury Wodonga. Tallangatta Valley is an area of mixed farming ranging from Dairy to sheep to beef cattle.  The Hall has a rich history of being the gathering place for locals and has hosted a range of activities including … Read more

Ganmain, NSW – 10 Apr 2019

This gem of a Hall is situated in the picturesque village of Ganmain. The hall, established in 1911, is the jewel of the Main Street! As well as the magnificent hall, we hear the pies are famous for miles around. A destination rather than a stop then! Festival of Small Halls rolls into Ganmain on … Read more

Grenfell, NSW – 11 April 2019

Grenfell is a historic town in the Central West of NSW, it has a rich heritage of gold, bushrangers and poetry. Known for its gold mining in the 1860s, birthplace to poet Henry Lawson and was home in the 1860s to one of the most well known bushrangers in Australia Ben Hall. Grenfell lies between … Read more

Woodstock, NSW – 12 April 2019

The Central West N.S.W. village of Woodstock has a population of 200 with a further 500 people living in the rich farming district surrounds.  Our Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Hall was built in 1924 and is the venue for our Festival. We aim to showcase our Hall & village as well as the farming community’s produce, … Read more

Dalgety, NSW – 13 April 2019

The historic village of Dalgety, on the banks of the Snowy River, is the only town left on the Snowy River in NSW. After the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme was built in the 1950’s, the old towns of Jindabyne and Adaminaby were flooded. In 1902 Dalgety was gazetted as the site for the National Capital. … Read more

Lacmalac, NSW – 14 April 2019

Lacmalac Soldiers Memorial Hall was built in 1927 in memory of the soldiers lost in the first World War. In the early days it hosted many bush dances and was always a meeting place for locals and visitors. In more recent years a small hard working committee and locals have worked hard to facilitate many … Read more

National Folk Festival

From high-end entertainment to the expression of folk-life through grassroots and community activities our multifaceted National Folk Festival is the ultimate celebration of all things folk. The program is designed to inspire, enliven and entertain. From traditional and contemporary grooves to the quirky and the endearing it features all the key elements that make people want … Read more


Festival of Small Halls Announces Autumn Tour 2019

Festival of Small Halls has launched the largest tour in its history in partnership with major Australian festivals Port Fairy Folk Festival and the National Folk Festival.

The Autumn Tour 2019 features award-winning Canadian trio The Once (CAN) and master Australian folk collaborator John Flanagan (AUS). The group are bound for 25 regional towns across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales in March and April.

For full release, click  to download


The Once

The story of The Once is one of growth, propelled by the rare chemistry that comes from a decade of writing and touring together.

Their songs have been placed in international film and television, they have YouTube videos with millions of hits, and there’s a trail of trophy nominations and wins from the East Coast Music Awards, the Canadian Folk Awards, and the JUNO Awards in their wake.

For full biography, social media links and press quotes, click here

John Flanagan

Combining 70s folk influences with a contemporary Americana/bluegrass sound, John Flanagan has drawn comparisons to James Taylor and Paul Kelly and proven himself to be “one of Australia’s finest lyricists” (Timber and Steel).

For full biography, social media links and press quotes, click here


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