Northam, 22 April 2020

The grand old Northam Town Hall was officially opened on the 21st April, 1898 marking an era of transformation for Northam from a scattered village to bustling township. The population was booming and economic prosperity was high as many men were passing through Northam, stocking up on supplies on their way to make their fortune in the goldfields. In declaring the Town Hall open, Mayor Charles R. Knight expressed “a hearty wish that there within its walls would be many pleasant gatherings”. Many pleasant gatherings have indeed been held within its walls from musical concerts, to grand balls, movie screenings, discos, and even roller-skating. 122 years and 1 day on, we continue to honour Mayor Knight’s wish and present another very pleasant gathering, the Festival of Small Halls. 

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Northam on Wednesday, April 22nd with Iona Fyfe (SCO) and Colin Lillie (AUS).

Tickets available online here or locally at the Northam Visitors Centre, 2 Grey Street Northam (Ph 08 9622 2100).

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