Muttaburra, 9 November 2019

To anyone cruising around in the centre of Queensland, be sure to swing into Muttaburra on the 9 November. Shake off that red dust, don your dancin’ shoes and head down to the RSL Hall for a wonderful night of music and community gathering.

Tickets are also available locally at the Barcaldine Regional Council Administration Offices.

Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start – see you there!

Dinner of cold meat and salads is included in the ticket price, provided by the Muttaburra Community Association. A bus is available from Barcaldine, Aramac, Jericho and Alpha.

Festival of Small Halls has been lucky enough to be hosted by the beautiful community of Muttaburra before so, we’re extremely excited to reconnect with the locals. Everyone’s invited; if you find yourself in these parts, come along and join in the festivities. Below is a collection of photos from last year’s show. Each and every community holds a special place in our hearts.

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This was the original Hall that was constructed as a memorial to the 1914-1918 veterans by public subscriptions in 1935.   Records show a donation of 100 pound was given by the Aramac Shire Council and land for the site of the Hall was donated by members of the community.    It was referred to as Muttaburra Soldiers Memorial Hall and was named as you see in the picture. It was situated behind the existing hall and where the pensioner unit stands today.

Prior to this the community back then held functions in the Australian Hall (part of the hotel). This Hall burnt down on the 23 April, 1982 and the Hall we have today was built by the Aramac Shire Council and opened on the 25 June, 1983 and is called the Muttaburra Memorial Hall. Our Hall today is utilised for many functions and events.

Muttaburra Memorial Hall stands on lands traditionally owned by the Iningai people.

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