MUCKADILLA, 17 October 2021


The Muckadilla Hall stands on the traditional lands of the Gunggari People.

‘Remember the Muckadilla Community Hall’ by David Bowden. 

To remember 100 years of the Muckadilla Hall is to remember so many people and events that have been the glue to keep the Muckadilla Community together.  

The Muckadilla Community banded together to build the hall to replace an older one that was on the site of the present Muckadilla Service Station in the early 1920s. This was between the two Great Wars, and men and women from nearby properties and those working in shearing sheds and the railway needed a release from their normal hard-working days. The music was supplied by Tom Hacker Senior, on a button accordion, while someone else played the mouth organ. Music also came from an old style ‘His Master’s Voice’ gramophone that used round cylinder records.  

The Muckadilla Hall has hosted many weddings, christenings and church services. The Catholics would line up on the bench seats in the hall proper and the priest would hear confessions in the supper room. Interesting to note that many ladies thought the only reason husbands came to church was to be able to have a quick beer or two at the Muckadilla Pub afterwards. There were strict open and closing times in those days – so it did not hurt if the publican happened to be a Catholic!  

The end of year Muckadilla School Sports were held outside the Muckadilla Hall. The Pupils would line up near the Muckadilla War Memorial and race up Fettler’s Hill for about 50 yards. Have to remember there were not many cars going along the roads in those days to interrupt the festivities.  

School plays have seen characters like ‘Doctor Killemquick’ and ‘Nurse Watchemdie’ pull saveloys out of a patient behind a white sheet, with the images looking so real. There would have been many a pimply faced teenager steal their first kiss outside the back door in the dark during the highly expected Christmas Tree functions. Then there was probably some more serious groping when the B and S Balls came along in the late sixties and seventies.  

Many a politician has espoused his virtues to the ceiling banisters to a speculative audience. Agricultural firms have explained the latest dips, drenches etc and agricultural equipment to hard headed farmers. CWA Ladies have socialised and taught each other many items that made running a household so much easier.  

The Muckadilla Community Hall was home to the Midway Buffalo Lodge. Townspeople wondered if it was true that they rode a goat in there. The empty long neck beer bottles in the bin next morning must have meant they needed some Dutch Courage to do whatever it was they did there! The Roma Rifle Club came along in the 1980s and added a bar area and have helped provide funds for the Muckadilla Mums selling their lunches, dinners and smokos.  

Muckadilla is all dressed up with new renovations and paint and ready to stand for another 100 years. 

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Muckadilla on Sunday, 17 October, 2021 with Darren Hanlon and Kelly Brouhaha.

This performance will take place outside

BBQ burgers and sausages will be available at the Hall from 5.30pm, catered by provided by local group Apex, Lions and Rotary. Dessert including slices and cakes (including gluten free) to be provided by the Muckadilla Hall Committee during the interval.

Bar Service including basic beer and wine in addition to soft drink and other non-alcoholic drinks will be available at the Hall from 5.30pm until close. Muckadilla Hall association will provide tea and coffee throughout the night.

Tickets are priced at

Full Admission – $20

Click here to purchase tickets.

Alternatively, you can purchase tickets locally at a location to be confirmed.

Raffle tickets will be available at the door.

BBQ dinner and bar located outside the Hall from 5:30pm.

Doors Open 6:30PM

Show Starts 7:00PM

This Hall is not wheelchair accessible, and does not have accessible toilet facilities. 

This show is supported by Maranoa Regional Council support from the Muckadilla Community Association.

Festival of Small Halls events take place in venues operating under an approved Queensland Health Covid Safe Event Checklist, and has stringent Workplace Health and Safety requirements for all travelling artists and crew. Under the terms and conditions of all events, you must not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Please do your bit to protect others and keep your community safe.

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