Mt Mee

Mt Mee

Jinibara people, place orig ‘Dahmongah’ – flying squirrel


A drive up to Mount Mee is likely to be slow, your vehicle crawling along the roads as you crane your neck to try to safely check out the breath-taking views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Take in the spectacular panorama of all of the Glass House Mountains, across the blue seas to Moreton Island or into the hazy western ranges, the sky a backdrop to the lazily drifting chimney smoke of the smug locals of this area. Mount Mee was settled into the township recognizable today on the back of red cedar timber getters, who transformed thick forests into the swooping, dipping green tufted hills that give Mount Mee the impression of having been created by a Hollywood set designer for the scene: Perfect Country Drive. It has a church that makes you want to get a married, a restaurant that makes three courses seem like too few, and a community set in a location that makes Brigadoon seem churlish and dull.

Tickets available online only.

Population: 399


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