Mount Barker, 2 May 2020

Our District Hall is an ever-evolving work in progress. It has had many incarnations over the years – used as the hub of social events, for dances, weddings, movies, badminton and amateur theatre. In the past 10 years use of the hall has declined and the Shire of Plantagenet, who own the hall, recently offered it to the Plantagenet Players, a local amatuer theatre group who have been bringing people together through the joy and happiness of theatre for 60 years. After nearly one million dollars of refurbishment the Players moved in. Since then we have performed two shows per year, held two balls, table top games days, movies and other functions. We also hire out our hall to other groups and individuals to hold their own functions. Our Hall now boasts a mural of the halls history painted by the Walldogs during the first Mountain and Murals festival in December 2019.

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Mount Barker on Saturday, May 2nd with Iona Fyfe (SCO) and Colin Lillie (AUS).

Tickets available online here

Plantagenet District Hall stands on lands traditionally owned by the Menang tribe of the Noongar nation


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