Merton and Boolarra

Week 3 continues the tour with some fun loving and beautiful crowds coming into the shows. Some cheeky audience members were found too down at Merton…

Dear Merton,
You rocked the night. What a super fun crowd you were. What a feast we had. Great caterers. To the young girl helping her mom and sister, I had a great time making tea with you and laughing. You kept us all entertained and we were sad we didn’t get to say goodbye. So we will say “so long” right here.
Mr. Saxophone, you are a great teacher. The three students you brought by to open will probably always carry you in their hearts for the kindness and opportunities you have afforded them. I only have a pic of two of em as the other was onstage when my phone died. Good on ya. To the lady who tried to drink our wine, good on you! Ha. That was funny. We will see you all down the road. Take good care.
The Once



Student performances are always great, showcasing all of the potential we have here in Australia’s regional areas. Next in Boolarra, it was the community opener that stole the show!

The Magentas!! Our local opener!
This giant group of singers, ukulele, mandolin, stand up bass, flute etc were so friggin sweet. They define sweet and pure joy. We cried listening. It was so good. And a medley of Blondie songs!! What? Come off it. Heartbreakingly beautiful. My head is tight thinking about it. You were the soul of the night. Thank you for coming and bringing your pure perfection.



Also, thanks to the gent who turned on the light in the bathroom before we left for our accoms. Peeing in the dark with huntsman spiders was not appealing to us. Ha. Ugh.
Fun town.
Loved chatting with the horse on the way to the restaurant/hotel/liquor store. Horse had nothing to say to me. But that’s ok.
We love that you came out to say hey!
Take care and we will see you down the road.
The Once

Would have thought The Once would be used to all the creepy creatures of Australia by now…Obviously not! Only half way through Week 3, maybe the next few shows will help them warm up to it…

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