Meander, 10 January 2019

Meander’s community hall sits in a small town nestled under the mountain bluffs of the Great Western Tiers.  The Hall is surrounded by farms and a small cluster of houses where everyone knows their neighbours’ names.  The community comes together for many events at the Hall as it is known as the heart of the town.  We are very excited to host ‘The Festival of Small Halls’ as it will add to the many and varied events the Hall has held.  If only the walls could talk!!

The Meander township is a short 10 minute drive from picturesque Deloraine which sits aside the Meander River.  The road from Deloraine winds gracefully through the cutting which then opens out to the wonder that is Meander.

Festival of Small Halls Meander is on Thursday, January 10th.
BBQ & Bar from 5.30pm
Doors open at 6.30pm

Tickets available online here or locally from the Meander Valley Council
Tel: 03 6393 5300

Ticket prices subsidised by Meander Valley Council

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