Mallanganee, 30 October 2019

Whether you’re exploring Australia with a loved one; bundled up in a van with a bunch of backpackers; travelling between work destinations; heading back to Mallanganee to visit family and friends; or looking to kick up your heels in your local hall, be sure to swing into the Mallanganee Memorial Hall on 30 October. Join a small, mighty and open-armed community for a night of songs, dancing and sharing of stories in their beloved town hall.

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The local campground can cater for caravans and tents. Mallanganee is looking forward to meeting you all!

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Mallanganee is a small village approx. 40 K from Casino, heading out towards the border regions of Queensland and New South Wales.

There are about 150 people living in the district and about half of those live in the charming Mallanganee village, at the centre of which lies the Mallanganee Memorial Hall. The Mallanganee Hall Committee has provided a special history of this hall – including the very first switching on of the electricity! Click here to read.

Visitors to Mallanganee will find the Mallanganee Pub, the Wild West Store – the local shop/post office, and of course, the local hall. The Mallanganee Hall is used every week for DVD Yoga and regular morning teas for bus trips. All fundraising and grants from the activities of the Progress Association goes towards maintaining the hall.

The dedicated folks from Mallanganee try to have bingo twice a year, craft days and a dance on alternate years. The hall is home to a magnificent handmade tapestry measuring 30 feet x 15 feet. To read about the amazing process of this masterpiece coming together, click here.

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