Kalpowar, 29 November 2019

 The Kalpowar Hall was built in 1954 using locally milled timber from the Kalpowar Forest, built only by voluntary labour and without debt.

The village of Kalpowar is situated in the foothills of the Burnett Range, beside the  Kalpowar State Forest which protects a mosaic of forests. Patches of dense rainforest with towering hoop pines remain between open eucalypt forests and hoop pine plantations.   More than 150 plant species occur in the hoop pine rainforest which was first logged in 1918.

The word Kalpowar means either Pine Tree or Copper in Indigenous language.  Kalpowar is home to a very unique carnivorous snail. The snail has been named Pedinogyra Kalpowar (or Kalpowar flat-coiled snail) as it was first located and identified in Kalpowar State Forest in 1982.

Our little village was voted top 50 small towns in Australia in 2016 and voted as Australia’s best kept secret.  This place has something for everyone and is so warm and inviting, you will never want to leave.  We have also been highly praised for our 4WD, camping, horse trail riding and motocross tracks in the State Forest.  Every week in Kalpowar the locals host the friendliest morning teas known to man, they each take turns in opening their homes to locals, travellers, council workers, anyone really and they serve up some of the finest biscuits, cakes, slices, jams and preserves in the world… exaggerating?  me? never! Come and try for yourself sometime.

Camping available – please book online at https://youcamp.com/view/behind-the-pines-kalpowar 


Festival of Small Halls rolls into Kalpowar on Friday, 29th November with Blair Dunlop (ENG) and Hat Fitz and Cara (AUS).


Doors open 6.30pm for a 7pm start.


Tickets available online here


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