Ilbilbie, 15 November 2018

Ilbilbie Community Centre is located next to the Ilbilbie Service Station approximately one hour’s drive south of Mackay.

Over the years, the centre has been a hub for the Ilbilbie and Greenhill district, hosting many functions such as birthday parties and community meetings. The members of Ilbilbie Craft Group meet there every Tuesday sharing their love of arts and craft especially quilting and textiles.

Ilbilbie is the gateway to the township of Greenhill and the Yarrawonga and Notch Point Reserves, magnets for keen anglers and those who enjoy camping, fishing and crabbing.

Doors open at 6.30pm

Festival of Small Hall Ilbilbie will be supported by Kate Lockyer.

Eighteen-year-old Kate Lockyer has been singing since she can remember, performing since she was nine, and her musical influences are as eclectic as it gets. She loves everything from musical theatre and classical music to pop and more contemporary music. It’s difficult for her to define herself within the constraints of genre and she loves exploring everything that music has to offer.

Having lived in a regional area for most of her life, she is delighted that she can be a part of the Festival of Small Halls. Since moving to Mackay, she has become involved in the performing arts scene and enjoys gigging around our area. If you want to see and hear more about Kate, or contact her, you can visit her Facebook page at Kate Lockyer Music.

Tickets available from Isaac Regional Council Libraries in Carmila and St Lawrence.

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