Hughenden to Muttaburra

You’re in mighty outback. You could do anything – and the options are endless. But the trip from Hughenden to Muttaburra is an obvious winner. You cross prime dinosaur country, find the heart of the outback, see rivers, deserts, fossils, scrub and more. It’s a smorgasbord of outback experiences – we’ve barely scratched the surface!

The Journey

Leg 1 - Hughenden to Winton (2hrs 30mins)

This is it guys. You’ve arrived in the Dinosaur Capital of Australia.  Winton is home to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum – it’s about 20km out of town to the south. It’s home to the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils. You can even sign up to help prepare these real dinosaur bones in the laboratory!

If you’ve got time to burn, you can also see the Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park. More than 95 million years old, there are 3,300 stampeding footprints immortalised in stone – it’s iconic, but three hours out of the way so this really only works if you’ve made this a weekend trip.

If you’ve stayed in town, soak in the Waltzing Matilda Centre – locals have toiled long and hard to get this amazing centre up and running, and then upgraded a few years ago. It’s in honour of Banjo Patterson’s famous song. Waltzing Matila was reputedly inspired by an 1894 shearer’s suicide at the nearby Combo Waterhole and first performed in Winton’s North Gregory Hotel on 6th April 1895.

Depending on when you’ve left, it’s probably best to grab lunch here – it’s another two hours to Longreach!

Leg 2 - Winton to Longreach (2hrs)

Welcome to the heart of Outback Queensland. This country town welcomes you;

Limitless horizons. Clear skies. No traffic. No crowds. True peace and quiet. A place where you can spend time in small, welcoming communities; where people look out for one another and are always ready to share a laugh or a good story.

Sounds good eh! Definitely as good as a leisurely float down the Thomson river. Our favourite though – yep, you guessed it – the tearooms! We haven’t heard tell of scones, but the baked goods are delightful, and get this – it’s called ‘Welcome Home’. How perfect!

if you’re in a 4wd, then before you hit the road check out Captain Starlight’s Lookout. It’s an hour out of your way, but it’s a great hike – only 20mins – and has beautiful views. Fun fact – it’s named for the man who discovered it, who was also one of Australia’s most famous cattle thieves. If you’re not in a 4wd, send the kids down to the skate park to run off the delicious afternoon tea while you relax.

Leg 3 - Longreach to Muttaburra (1 hr 15mins)

Wildlife is abundant on this stretch – go slow, enjoy the wild nature of the outback and be sure you get into Muttaburra by sunset!

If you’re early enough, you can stop to fish. Muttaburra derives its name from the local aboriginal tribe of Mootaburra which actually means ‘the meeting of waters’, and it doesn’t lie – there’s plenty of creek action to soak up!

Once you get into town, snap a selfie in front of the Centre of Queensland monument. Locals have worked long and hard to get this beauty up, and it’s not everyday you can say you’re in the actual centre of Queensland!


Leg 4 - Walk down to the Hall!

Walk down to the hall and come say hello. Doors open at 6.30pm! Muttaburra is a lively town and the locals turn out for these shows – and we’ll be there! We’d love to say hello 🙂


Don’t forget, if you buy your tickets online we’ll donate $2 of the ticket price to Rural Aid.

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