Kandanga, 13 Dec 2017

Kandanga, a rural town in the Mary Valley, is 20 km south of Gympie. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal expression describing a bend in a creek or referring to a mountain ridge.

The first township in the area was called Bunya Creek, an apt name to partner with Woodfordia and its enduring love of the native tree. The opening of the Mary Valley railway to Kandanga in 1914 led to the formation of a township around the station. Before then there existed only a basic rural community; a school (1900), a Union church at Bunya Creek (1905), a blacksmith, a store and the Kandanga Farmers Association.

A war memorial hall was built in 1925. The old hall was converted to a store, adding to Kandanga’s butcher, baker, bank and tea room. After several years of travelling cinema shows in the hall, the Kandanga Talkies picture palace (400 seats) was opened in 1942.

Today, the Kandanga Hall hosts everything from blue light discos to gourmet foodie experiences, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Mary Valley. Gympie Regional Council and CoolArts are pleased to welcome you!

Population: 532

Tickets available online here

Local Support – Clare Quinn

Troubadour folk songstress Clare Quinn is a passionate vocalist, wordsmith and melody artist. She is a beauty collector, weaving memories and emotions through the web of song. Quinn flutes delicately in the upper octaves, with her unique vocal timbre, whilst drawing inspiration from folk, jazz, soul and bluegrass. Born and raised in Gympie, now living in California Clare is delighted to be sharing her music in Kandanga.

Doors Open 6.30pm

Bar available by Coolarts Gympie and supper available by the Kandanga Hall Committee



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