Goroke and Murtoa

Week 2 of the tour is up and running, and it’s mind blowing how amazing all of the regional communities are. First show of the week; Goroke! And it was the teens of the community that amazed our tour party…

Dear Goroke,
We arrived early so we could do a singer/songwriter workshop for the students at the local school. We were blown away by the talent. Honestly, some of the words they wrote made us feel so strongly we got teary eyed. So real. So emotive. So raw. So silly. So perfect. It’s a day that will stay with us. And it really got us thinking about the wonderful teachers back home who stay in smaller areas to help the undeniable home grown talent. There is so much here in Australia.


Melanie Koop opened the night. She was so keen to learn as much as possible that we answered her every question. Be open gal. Be free. Beautiful night overall. Our hostess with the mostest was Wanda, Queen of the Little Desert. Superb town. Superb night. Looking forward to the bands that come out of this wonderful town.
Til next time,
The Once

How amazing are our Australian teens! So much talent and passion…and not to mention the teachers! Murtoa was next up, a town that made our Canadian visitors The Once a bit homesick…

Dear Murtoa,
Arrived to the hall early on this day. Phil and my turn to ride with the sound man. Coveted spot. Josiah is incredible. Was so great to get in early to meet all the local volunteers for the evening and to shoot a little bit of our video for Before the Fall from our Time Enough record. . Squeezed so much in. Epic day. Was feeling pretty good about life that day. Especially when the opening act, the Marmadukes composed of ukulele players, started singing ‘Going to the Chapel’ Honest to frig! I had been missing family like crazy and this is a song my sisters and I would sing EVERY TIME we were in the car going ANYWHERE as kids. We must have driven our parents nuts. Nah, they loved it! After a while we had harmonies and it sounded wicked. Our family band was wicked! Ha. Loved every second of your set Marmadukes. Thank you. You warmed the cockles, as we say in NL.


John Flanagan, our tour mate, had his parents the the audience. It was their first time hearing a song he had written for his dad. It’s a great song. Phil did a video for him. You will see and hear the heart of his tremendous song just like you did at the show. What a beautiful night.
Dave, our host, you were wickedly dry humoured and you made us feel right at home. You had Phil in fits. Not an easy feat.
Thanks for everything Murtoa Mechanics Hall. You rock!
The Once

What a beautiful night, it must have been amazing to witness John’s parents hear that song for the first time. After those two eventful days, John and The Once hopped back onto the dirt road to the next destination. See you there!

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