Georgetown, 16 November 2019

Out on the road? Curious about Georgetown? Swing in on the 16 November and spend the day taking in the local sights. Come sundown, join locals, neighbouring folk and fellow travellers at the Etheridge Shire Hall for a fun-filled night of music, mates and merrymaking. New friends and lifelong memories await!

Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start – see you there!

Festival of Small Halls has been lucky enough to be hosted by the good folk of Georgetown before so, we’re incredibly excited to reconnect with the locals, welcome in some travellers and unite all together under the roof of the Shire Hall. Below is a collection of photos from our shows over the years. Each and every community holds a special place in our hearts.

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Below is a beautiful poem from an equally beautiful Georgetown local.

Twas the next morning I came to the Etheridge Shire Hall,
With a grin on my face to meet the Girl from the Ball,
I had the hum of the dance still on play in my head,
And I already knew She’d be the one I would wed.

“What a beauty,” I gasped as I took in the view,
In the sunshine I saw the place exquisite and new,
Was indeed this Shire Hall built in nineteen-oh-eight?
Why this can’t be the place where I danced until late!

Lo surprise, the bright coral roof was faded no more,
Not a scuff mark could be seen on the timber dance floor,
I looked, the Girl from the Ball brought the sunshine it seemed,
She made the tired old paint seem like butterscotch cream,
The louvres let in a warm glow of lavender light,
And everything in the world, I knew would be alright.

I looked up at the Hall, so winsome, lovely and wise,
And the moment held more than what appeared in my eyes,
My heart was beating fast and yet the words coming slow,
As I asked the Girl from the Ball to be my betrothed.

I walked away hand in hand with my Girl from the Ball,
Now all my life, I’ll never forget that day at the Hall.



The Etheridge Shire Hall is proudly situated on Ewamian Aboriginal People’s land.

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