Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend the Festival of Small Halls?

The Festival of Small Halls is a family-friendly event, so any one, of any age, can be a ticket-holder, and be welcome. Please check the Terms and Conditions page when purchasing a ticket to make sure you agree to the general conditions of our events.

How much does it cost to attend a Festival of Small Halls event?

Ticket prices vary from location to location, and you can find all information about the particulars of an event there.

When will Festival of Small Halls come to my town?

The locations and times of the time we might visit your town depends on when your closest large festival takes place. For example, if you’re in Queensland, and it’s the Woodford Folk Festival (December), it’s likely that Festival of Small Halls will visit you in November or January. Once we’ve come to your town, we’ll keep coming back with different artists – always one Australian, and one International, so you can keep getting an extra folk fix or two in your year. If you’d like to talk about us coming your way, make contact so we know you’re interested.

How can I get involved in Festival of Small Halls as a Volunteer in my town?

Our favourite question! If we are coming to your town, please get in touch with us and let us know. We will forward your details to the head of the Host Organisation in your town, and see you there.

How can I get involved in Festival of Small Halls as an artist?

At present, the Festival of Small Halls is an entirely curated affair, managed by the festivals partnering at each end of the tour. We do not have the ability to accept or respond to artist queries, and so we ask that you do not contact us to request being booked to the tour. We don’t want to disappoint artists, whether it’s by not including them in the tour, or not being able to respond to queries. In future, we may open an application process for touring, but that is a while off, yet.

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