The Eulo Queen Hotel lies in the main street of Eulo, an old pub and campground run by a friendly, entirely down to earth couple who’re happy to have a chat while serving cold drinks and one of the best pub meals of a tour. Eulo came to be as an opal-mining town, and the multi-faceted stones are an excellent indication of the colourful kind of welcome the town offers – you could be met by a russet-coloured cow wandering the street, three local fellas celebrating the sale of a swag of beautiful local artwork with a few beers in the opal and relic strewn side-yard at the art gallery, or the discovery that there’s a date farm that doubles as one of the most wonderful and picturesque day-spas anyone could ask for. Eulo has crammed more into its one red dusty street than many towns could offer in a block – it has a much bigger personality than population.

Population: 108