Dalwallinu, 23 April 2020

The Dalwallinu Town Hall and Supper Room was built in 1924 by Gully and Gillan. The hall has played an integral part in the growth of the Shire. Across the years it has hosted weddings, funerals, dances, balls and social gatherings. A popular use for the Hall was the pictures, which were held in the hall, and also open air screenings held in the gardens on the north side of the hall that were projected through holes high up on the north wall.

The town hall is typical of the period in which it was built and is valued by the Dalwallinu community for its associations with the Dalwallinu Road Board who served the town in its infancy, and for the sense of place it has engendered as a central focus of social and cultural activities since 1924. It represents the confident status of the town in 1924 when it was built and is integral within the cultural environment of Johnston Street, making a significant contribution to the streetscape, townscape and character of Dalwallinu.

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Dalwallinu on Thursday, April 23rd with Iona Fyfe (SCO) and Colin Lillie (AUS).

Tickets available online here

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