Bidjara people

Charleville has a number of historical footnotes that may catch your attention, but perhaps none so much as the cannons on display in town, which were used in 1902, unsuccessfully, firing into the clouds in an attempt to bring rain to break the drought. These cloud cannons are a great introduction to Charleville’s interest in all things heaven-headed – the Cosmos Centre, which takes advantage of the clarity of a country night to lay the stars out like ice-crusted diamonds on a black velvet cloth, a pioneering airmail route and stop over points for air-races. Charleville’s inspired some earthier tributes, too – a song by Slim Dusty, news reports on floods that have rippled the landscape of the river outside of town like the ribs of some huge fossilised creature and would have given the Cobb and Co Coaches that helped establish the grand buildings of the town some serious trouble.

Population: 3,278

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