Middlemount, 7 December 2018

Middlemount Community Hall is located near the centre of town on James Randall Drive, just a short distance from the Middlemount Community School. This lovely and relatively modern hall boasts great lighting and sound capability and is fully equipped with catering facilities.  It provides the vibrant Middlemount community with the perfect venue for events, functions, seminars, … Read more

Yeppoon, 8 Dec 2018

With a stunning backdrop of offshore islands, the sparkling azure of the Pacific and towering Norfolk pines, Yeppoon has built a reputation as both a visually striking tourist town and a saviour for summer tastebuds (plenty of mangos come from Yeppoon). If island hopping is your thing, you have found yourself one terrific launching pad, … Read more

Bucca, 9 December 2018

“A hall is just a building but I hope I have captured a little of the struggles, the poi moments and the laughter – the Spirit of the Bucca Public Hall.” This quote precedes a dedicated laying-down of the history of Bucca Hall, a wonderful story that can be read here. The Bucca Hall was opened … Read more

Rainbow Beach, 12 Dec 2018

Rainbow Beach is your golden gateway to some of the most amazing natural attractions to be found anywhere in the world. From this picturesque coastal village, enchantingly nestled between Tin Can Bay and the Pacific Ocean, you can experience an enthralling mosaic of these wonders and indulge in your favourite pursuits at the same time. Swim with the dolphins, explore the spectacular scenery of Fraser Island, see … Read more

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