Mullum to Woodford 2017 – Tour Announcement

Queensland Summer Tour 2017 Is Announced

Woodfordia Inc are proud to announce the Festival of Small Halls will be returning to the roads of Queensland and New South Wales in November 2017.

The first Festival of Small Halls tour to hit Queensland since 2015 officially runs from Mullum Music Festival to Woodford Folk Festival, visiting twenty Small Halls between the two popular Australian festivals.

The tour features American folk raconteur Vance Gilbert, and Australian singer-songwriter Liz Stringer.

“Vance Gilbert has had the team in stitches for weeks now. If he was any less brilliant, you’d almost be laughing too hard to notice the magic going on between his fingers and his guitar”, said Producer Eleanor Rigden.

“Both these performers have the perfect attitude to be creating more than excellent shows out in our regional halls. They’re going to create friendships and memories that last a lifetime.”

Vance Gilbert has released twelve albums since bursting onto the singer-songwriter scene of New York City on the early 90’s. His work is an ongoing commitment to traditional folk storytelling, but remains true to his jazz roots.

Melbourne based musician Liz Stringer is one of Australia’s most respected and critically acclaimed songwriters and performers. She’s fresh off the plane from a year-long tour of Australia and abroad, and is looking forward to the inspiration of Australian communities on the Festival of Small Halls tour.

“Both of these very talented musicians are passionate about forging community and connecting with people. We’re very excited, because the whole idea of Festival of Small Halls is that communities can use this amazing music as a reason to come together. We think the artists, the tour, and all the presenting communities are going to create something quite spectacular together.”

Festival of Small Halls is now in its fifth year of touring, and will travel from Wyreema in the Darling Downs region to the 10th anniversary celebrations of Mullum Music Festival, continuing down to Wauchope on the Central NSW Coast and then looping back up as far as Longreach in Outback Qld. The tour continues north of Cairns to the village of Koah, before heading back down the coast to finish at the 32nd annual Woodford Folk Festival.


Thanks, Arts Queensland

Woodfordia Inc recently received the marvellous news that the Queensland Summer Tour 2017 will be supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Arts Queensland, a long supporter of Woodfordia Inc, supports Festival of Small Halls through the Playing Queensland fund. This fund is designed to maximise opportunities for regional Queensland communities to experience high quality arts events, to increase the number and reach of touring activities, to support tours with a strong demonstration of demand and to create employment and training opportunities for Queensland artists and arts workers.

Thanks to Arts Queensland, we’ll be returning to the road this November. We deeply appreciate their support!