Pinnacle Yuwi Yuibera people Deep in the heart of sugar-cane country, about 60kms inland from Mackay, Pinnacle sits amidst lush green hills. While Pinnacle itself might be the perfect setting to break your trip for a famous Pinnacle Pub pie, it’s also a good spot to plan your tour of the towns of the Pioneer … Read more


Capella The drive to Capella passes by in a series of contrasts in colour and texture, from Oz-like, pillowy green fields just past Emerald to gently undulating waves of hazelnut coloured grasses. Newly taken crops leave stalks in rich earth and perfectly maintained fences divide irrigated fields from those lying fallow with the precision of … Read more


Barcaldine Iningai people Sheep and beef cattle rearing are the main industries in this area, but it’s fair to say that the number of people stopping by to see the disarmingly exquisite Tree of Knowledge sculpture, which commemorates the 1891 shearer’s strike (and the bones of the Australian labour movement) is an industry in itself. … Read more


Charleville Bidjara people Charleville has a number of historical footnotes that may catch your attention, but perhaps none so much as the cannons on display in town, which were used in 1902, unsuccessfully, firing into the clouds in an attempt to bring rain to break the drought. These cloud cannons are a great introduction to … Read more

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