Mt Mee

Tour Mt Mee Hall

Mt Mee Jinibara people, place orig ‘Dahmongah’ – flying squirrel   A drive up to Mount Mee is likely to be slow, your vehicle crawling along the roads as you crane your neck to try to safely check out the breath-taking views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Take in the spectacular panorama of all of … Read more


Chinchilla/Boonarga Barangun people, name der. from local word for Cypress Pine, Jinchilla This is easily one of the best ‘hall-stories’ on the tour – the only hall in the world known to be dedicated to a moth. Still the best example of bio-control ever, a South American moth rid the Aussie outback of evil cacti … Read more


Degilbo Wakka Wakka, Darielbelum & Dundubara people, name from: dackeel bo ‘sharp/upright stones’ Degilbo’s 110 year old hall sits in a tiny community where the folks are so polite that they’ll beep the horn to warn a stray magpie off the road. Originally formed around the gold-rushes in nearby Paradise and Shamrock, Degilbo has amazing … Read more


Tour Wallaville HALL

Wallaville Taribelung Bunda, Goreng Goreng, Gurang and Baillai people Deep in the heart of sugar-cane country, about 60kms inland from Mackay, Pinnacle sits amidst lush green hills. While Pinnacle itself might be the perfect setting to break your trip for a famous Pinnacle Pub pie, it’s also a good spot to plan your tour of … Read more

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