Chinchilla Barangun people: name from local word for Cypress Pine, Jinchilla Last year we toured to the nearby Boonarga CactoBlastis hall, yielding one of the best ‘hall-stories’ on the tour – the only hall in the world known to be dedicated to a moth. Still the best example of bio-control ever, a South American moth … Read more


Charleville Bidjara people Charleville has a number of historical footnotes that may catch your attention, but perhaps none so much as the cannons on display in town, which were used in 1902, unsuccessfully, firing into the clouds in an attempt to bring rain to break the drought. These cloud cannons are a great introduction to … Read more


Mitchell Gunggari people Mitchell’s history involves an Aboriginal population acknowledged to have inhabited the area for at least 19,000 years, bush-rangers, miners, and the birth of Australia’s shortest-serving Prime Minister, Francis Forde. A more modern experience, however, might bring you to Mitchell as a worker for one of the nearby mines, or see you settling … Read more


Cunnamulla Kunja People/meaning ‘long stretch of water’ Who was Slim Dusty’s Cunnamulla Fella? This is the perfect time to find a local and ask, as the Festival of Small Halls hooks up with cowboys, stockmen, bull-riders lnand shearers for the launch of the annual Cunnamulla Fella Festival. Cunnamulla is a town with a typically Australian … Read more

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