Eungella, 22 November 2020

Our hall was originally an old army hospital situated at Mackay Harbour and donated to the RSL. It was dismantled, loaded onto a truck and taken to its present location at Eungella where it was reconstructed by a builder and community members. If the hall could talk, it would recount may memories of the Dairy … Read more

Captain Creek, 24 November 2020

Captain Creek was named after the Captain of a bullock team who got stuck in the creek many years ago. ‘The Creek’, as the locals known as Creekers, call the area, is a small friendly community 12km west of Agnes Water in Queensland. The Captain Creek Community Sport & Recreation Association or ‘The Club’, as the Creekers call it, is a well loved community hub  built in the early nineties and hosts ... Read more

Rainbow Beach, 25 November 2020

  Rainbow Beach is ranked as one of the best and most scenic beaches in Australia and is home to some of the most unique flora and fauna anywhere is the world. The towering sand cliffs with its complex array of sandy tones and hues is the inspiration for name of the town. This picturesque … Read more

Glen Aplin, 26 November 2020

The Glen Aplin Memorial Hall was erected in memory of those from the district who served in World War One and World War Two. Building materials were scarce but the Glen Aplin community volunteers worked with ingenuity and persistence to make bricks with sand from the nearby Severn River. In 1953 the Hall was opened … Read more

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