Mapleton, 1 November 2020

Mapleton Hall has a 104 year old history. It was designed and constructed by local community members in 1916, with the previous hall being lost to a bushfire in 1915. Mapleton was a farming district for citrus, pineapples and dairying. It also had a large timber industry, with a hardwood timber mill, three smaller timber ... Read more

Spring Tour 2020

Woodfordia Inc  presents Festival of Small Halls Spring Tour 2020 featuring Shellie Morris and Hussy Hicks ArtistsShowsVideosMapMediaArtists Hussy Hicks One of Australia’s best live blues ‘n’ roots bands, Hussy Hicks are a tour de force featuring powerhouse vocalist, Leesa Gentz and award-winning guitarist, Julz Parker. Prolific and accomplished musicians, Hussy Hicks have honed their sonic ... Read more
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