Springbrook, 14 October 2020

  Thanks to the eruption of an ancient volcano 23 million years ago, Springbrook is home to a multitude of things that grow, gurgle and glow. Spectacular waterfalls and lookouts abound as The Natural Bridge cave twinkles with resident glow worms. The wilderness is marked by strangler figs, rare birds and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. The historically … Read more

Jondaryan, 15 October 2020

Jondaryan Public Hall stands proudly in the centre of the little village of Jondaryan, off to the north west of Toowoomba - one of few early structures still remaining. Though droughts, floods, a neighbouring fire and the occasional tornado have come and gone the timber building remains firmly entrenched in the landscape. The only unplanned ... Read more

Texas, 16 October 2020

On paper, Texas has a romantic history that can rival Deadwood. Named after the US land dispute, but in honour of a local one between two brothers and some post-gold rush squatters, Texas earned its stripes with farming, silver mining and tobacco. Driving on the meandering road over the Dumaresq River leading out of Texas, ... Read more

Jackson, 17 October 2020

  QCWA Hall Jackson has been standing since 1927, providing a space for local people to gather and have fun. In 2020 the Hall is continuing to be used by the community to come together for socialising and functions. There is plenty of space available for parking, camping and caravans. Festival of Small Halls rolls ... Read more
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