Rocky Creek, 24 October 2018

The Rocky Creek/Mt Emlyn Soldier’s Memorial Hall was built in 1935.

Life was busy in the 1930s. The many small 320 acre blocks were all occupied, mostly by dairy farmers. After the Depression progress was made with the aid of new tractors, vehicles and crops. The Rocky Creek Cheese Factory had operated since 1918; the Rocky Creek School had opened in 1913; the Mt Emlyn School had opened in 1920. There was a good population and many good reasons now for a Hall, a community Centre….for dances, weddings, CWA meetings, Church Services, Sunday schools, sports teams and sports days, war fund activities, welcomes and farewells to the district…but mostly dances!

There were many good willing musicians between Rocky Creek and Pittsworth, and the truck would be the ‘bus’ for the revellers!

The Christmas Party, the New Year’s Eve Party, Indoor Bowls, and the occasional Rural Fires Board meeting were the last of the activities in the Hall in the 1990s. But with the help of the Power Station Millmerran Shire funding and the Committee’s determination to upgrade the cooking facilities, the toilets and the connection of electricity, a new lease of life occurred with a new, young and enthusiastic Committee, which has initiated Games Nights, State of Origin Nights etc. There are still some of the original families very involved.

Doors open at 6.30pm.

A bus is available from Millmerran to Rocky Creek Hall for the event.

Bus bookings via Millmerran Community Support Office – 4695 1829

Tickets available online here

Mallanganee, 25 October 2018

Mallanganee is a small village approx. 40 K from Casino, heading out towards the border regions of Queensland and New South Wales.


There are about 100 people living in the district and about half of those live in the charming Mallanganee village, at the centre of which lies the Mallanganee Memorial Hall. The Mallanganee Hall Committee has provided a special history of this hall – including the very first switching on of the electricity! Click here to read.


Visitors to Mallanganee will find the Mallanganee Pub, Wild West Store – the local shop / post office, Bankhouse Original’s – old and newly created wares and a lovely café called the Moon River Café. The Mallanganee Hall is used every week for DVD Yoga and regular morning teas for bus trips. All fundraising and grants from the activities of the Progress Association goes towards maintaining the hall.


The dedicated folks from Mallanganee try to have bingo twice a year, craft days and a dance on alternate years. The hall is home to a magnificent handmade tapestry measuring 30 feet x 15 Feet. To read about the amazing process of this masterpiece coming together, click here.


The local campground can cater for caravans and tents.
All money raised from the BBQ and desserts will be given to Rotary for the Drought Relief.
Mallanganee is looking forward to meeting you all!
Doors open at 6.30pm
Tickets available online here

Jiggi, 26 October 2018

Jiggi Hall : 111 years old, and still going strong!

Jiggi Hall is set in a beautiful valley, far from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Less than half an hour drive from Nimbin in the North and Lismore in the south, Jiggi, which is said to mean ‘A place of plenty’ , is part of the Bundjalung Nation, who are the traditional owners. The Widjabul people are the chief custodians, who called the surrounding rainforests the ‘great store book of nature’.

The hall is a focal point for the community, and over the years has hosted a huge number and variety of events, the Festival of Small Halls being another welcome addition to the list.

Doors open at 6.30pm

Tickets available online here

Moonie, 27 October 2018

For over fifty years, The Moonie Sports Club has been the social hub of this small rural community.  Providing Moonie and surrounds with facilities for sporting events, fitness classes, visual arts days, fundraisers and the iconic Moonie Yabbie Races.

When approaching the intersection of the Leichardt Highway and Moonie Highway, slow down as you may see the locals participating in sporting events, children in the playground, and adults enjoying a cold beverage and a laugh.

Doors open at 6.30pm.

Tickets available online here

Tickets available locally at Moonie Rural Transaction Centre.