Glen Aplin, 1 September 2021

Glen Aplin Memorial Hall, QLD, Kambuwal, Bundjalung and Gamileroi Country The Glen Aplin Memorial Hall stands on the intersection of Bundjalung, Kambuwal and Gamileroi Country. The Glen Aplin Memorial Hall was erected in memory of those from the district who served in World War One and World War Two. Building materials were scarce, but the Glen Aplin … Read more

Eukey, 2 September 2021

Eukey Hall, QLD, Kambuwal Country  The Eukey Hall is situated in a tiny community 16 kilometres south of Stanthorpe in Qld.   The committee has aptly titled Eukey the ‘Snow Capital of Queensland’, with the area receiving sprinklings of snow in the winter months.    The Hall turned 100 years old on the 16th July 2021! The Hall’s official opening in 1921 was held with sports in the afternoon and a grand concert and dance … Read more

Wallangarra, 3 September 2021

Wallangarra School of Arts Hall, QLD, Ngarabal Country  The Wallangarra School of Arts Hall stands on Ngarabal Country. It’s possible that ‘Wallangarra’ means ‘lagoon’ – ‘wallan’ meaning water and ‘guran’ meaning ‘long’.  Wallangarra is such a ‘cool’ place to live, in both style and weather. According to local lore, the European residential component of Wallangarra wouldn’t even have existed if New South Wales had just accepted their railway track gauge was ‘wrong’, and made it the … Read more

Dalveen, 4 September 2021

Dalveen Hall, QLD, Kambuwal Country The Dalveen Hall stands on Kambuwal Country. Nestled 825 metres above sea level amid the undulations and ridges of the Great Divide, the village of Dalveen was named after Dalveen Pass in Scotland and now boasts its very own tartan. White occupation of the area began with area white graziers, but the coming … Read more

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