Bucca, 9 December 2018

“A hall is just a building but I hope I have captured a little of the struggles, the poi moments and the laughter – the Spirit of the Bucca Public Hall.”

This quote precedes a dedicated laying-down of the history of Bucca Hall, a wonderful story that can be read here.

The Bucca Hall was opened around the full moon in February 1906. Prices for admission were set at l/6d, Double 2d. Mr. C. F. Neilsen, M.L.A., was invited to perform the ceremony. Six dozen cup saucers and plates were purchased for use together with 2 hams, 14 lbs. of beef, 4 dozen pines and 16 dozen bananas towards supper. Messrs. Hendy and Cogzell were engaged to provide the music and Mr. A. Austin as Master of Ceremonies.

Today, locals in this traditional sugar town are ready to roll out the red carpet and open their doors to the Festival of Small Halls.

Doors open 4.30pm

Tickets available online here, or locally at the Bucca Hotel, or at Bout Time Music in Bundaberg.

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