Bluewater, 5 December 2019

The Bluewater Community Centre is almost 30 years old. While the land is owned by the local council, it’s leased back to the Bluewater Community Association Inc for the use and enjoyment of all. The Bluewater Centre was built and paid for by locals . It always has been and always will be available for anyone that wants to use it.
It is used for refuge from floods and fires.
It is a place which has supported locals in a time of need.
“Brought together by the local community to help the local community “

Festival of Small Halls rolls into Bluewater on Thursday, 5th of December with Blair Dunlop (ENG) and Hat Fitz and Cara (AUS).

The show will be supported by the Littmus Steampunk Band.

The Littmus Steampunk Band are a band of castoffs let go from around the world. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the authorities get wind of them.The band is currently made up of:

The Red Gentleman: Guitar, Vocals and Songwriter, Mungo Stoker: Guitar, Harbottle Grimstone: Percussion, Ukulele, Ruby Snow: Burlesque Dancer and Backing vocals.

Doors open 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Tickets available online here

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