All That Is Shiny and New

Welcome, friends. You may notice our website is looking a little different from the last time you visited – we’ve created a fresh look to celebrating returning to the roads after a year of clipped wings.

After our tour of Victoria in 2016, we realised that this project needed more if we were to keep it surviving into the long term. At Woodfordia, we view everything in the lens of our 500 Year Plan, so temporary projects that communities can’t rely on aren’t our favourite ideas. We want to carry on as we intend to keep carrying on – with purpose, with intent, with creativity and with goodwill that lasts. We wanted to leave communities with a legacy, with a confidence and a vitality that carried on through generations.

So we took a year off. We reviewed, we created, we brainstormed and we rested. And we drank tea, of course. We employed a full time producer, and we started looking into the next ten years. We dreamed, we talked, and we thought.

After all this, we’re back. But with so much behind us, a fresh look seemed only appropriate. Woodfordia Inc’s Arts Producer Kylie Southwell lovingly drew each element of the new artwork by hand – in Halls HQ, we particularly love the how real the dirt road feels. But we could just be really, really wanting to get back on the road. From her drawings, we’ll take a new poster, new website, and new promotional gear. Don’t miss the changing seasonal bouquet as our tours move through the year!

Even with all this new, exciting and clean activity, Festival of Small Halls remains true to its core ideals – community, the best music, a cup of tea and the filling of our gorgeous halls with light, laughter, and a great tune or three. No matter what we look like, we’re still made up of the communities we visit. We can’t wait to be back!



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