Barcaldine, 4 November 2018

The Barcaldine Town Hall was built in 1912 but has had several alterations. It was constructed in the Federation free style and was designed by architects Alfred Mowbray-Hutton and Fredrick Boddington. The design is  a link pavilion form. There were two separate buildings with council offices at the front and a hall behind, linked by a passage way. Timber and corrugated iron was used, and the building was surrounded by verandas. In 1933 a grass covered rotunda, lit by a stand at its centre, was built on the corner of the hall for the local brass band to give evening concerts.

The front veranda was divided into four bays on either side of an entrance with a large pediment (a triangular roof decoration- used during the war as a watchtower for approaching planes) over an archway and clock tower above.

In the 1950s alterations were made to the building. The clock tower was removed and the arched verandas were closed in with fixed timber louvers. Also during this period while staff were having morning tea, goats entered the office and ate the cheques and paper money that had been left on the office table.

Inside the building, period features such as pressed metal ceilings and beaded tongue and groove boards have survived. It was re-stumped and repainted in 1997- 1999 and air conditioned in 2002.

Doors open at 6.30pm

Tickets available online here or locally at the Barcaldine Regional Council Administration Office.

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